Marcia Barrington

Marcia Barrington is an experienced chef, food writer and creative with a long-standing career in food. She was one of the original directors of the Divertimenti Cookery School, a consultant to big business advising how to nourish a healthy workforce and latterly – as catering boss, where she set up and ran a sustainable, high-end catering company for ten years.

Borough Market

Make markets matter

Stand-alone independent food markets strengthen all sorts of community relationships and support local food economies.

December 8, 2020


From Root-to-Fruit: Zero-Waste Crowdfarming in Valencia

Preventing food waste and shortening the food chain from farmer to consumer is the driving force behind a sustainable Crowdfarming project in Valencia. The brainchild of Gonzalo and Gabriel Úrculo, who found themselves with a semi-abandoned orange farm just outside Valencia, has been so successful, they are now at the forefront of an agricultural revolution in rural Spain.

February 27, 2020