Marcela Basch

Marcela Basch is the editor of El Plan C, the first web portal in Latin America dedicated to collaborative economic news and open culture. The journalist and lecturer has organized the Collaborative Economics Week (Semana de la Economía Colaborativa) since 2014, and been part of Comunes an initiative of the Goethe-Institut Argentina, since 2016.

Combining Energies

A hot shower, even where there is no electricity: low-income families in Argentina build their own solar water heaters using recycled materials. A non-profit organization hosts the workshops, gathers helpers and shows participants how to utilize renewable energy.

June 29, 2017


How to Do a Food Rescue

Proyecto Plato Lleno counts 439 food rescues in Buenos Aires, a total of 46,269 kilos of food saved from the dumpster. According to their calculations, this equals 92,538 “full plates” across 60 shelters, foundations, and schools.

April 28, 2017

United Against Programmed Obsolescence

In Argentina, people with damaged or broken items meet to repair them at the Repair Club….Clothes, home appliances, toys, books, bicycles: even the most hopeless items can be fixed according to the Club de Reparadores (Repairers’ Club)…

February 3, 2017