Marc Hudson

PhD, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester

Garden City Alexandra Park and estate

Interview with Mark Burton of Steady State Manchester

For us, it is good to know what we are against, but if we are to fight for something better, then we really need an alternative vision.  Our idea is to work with those that come on that.  What comes out of it will depend on the level of interest, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment to do further work. 

January 23, 2020

Extinction Rebellion: ‘Terror Threat’ is a Wake-Up Call for How the State Treats Environmental Activism

Extinction Rebellion was once criticised by other activists for “love bombing the cops”, but now it has found itself labelled a terror threat. In a guide sent to teachers by counter-terrorism police, the non-violent group’s logo and activities were described to help them spot students who may be involved.

January 16, 2020

Extinction Rebellion

Has Extinction Rebellion Got the Right Tactics

All agree we need to take action for climate change, but some environmentalists find the Extinction Rebellion’s tactics difficult to get behind. Environmental campaigners Chay Harwood and Marc Hudson provide the arguments for and against them.

January 7, 2020

Australian bushfires

A Continent Ablaze

What we are seeing now is – in part – the result of wilful negligence, wilful blindness and casual greed. A total failure of leadership by political leaders from the major parties that stretches back not three weeks, or three months, but three decades, when Australians were first warned of the dangers in what was then known as ‘the Greenhouse Effect’.*

January 6, 2020

School Climate Strikes: What Next for the Latest Generation of Activists?

Coordinated school strikes may be a novel tactic, but mass environmental activism isn’t. So will things be any more successful this time around?

February 22, 2019