Luis I. Prádanos

Luis I. Prádanos (Iñaki) is the author of Postgrowth Imaginaries. He is also Professor at Miami University.

A chatbot sits opposite a doctor and a patient. The chatbot gives a thumbs up.

ChatGPT says AI can help the planet. Experts disagree

We are an environmental humanities researcher and an AI scholar. When we asked ChatGPT if AI systems can help address the environmental crisis, the response unsurprisingly was optimistic. We had reasons not to trust it. Chatbots are not designed for veracity, but for guessing what the answer to a prompt would be based on content that has been previously written by others (humans and machines). The answers tend to favor the most popular, not necessarily the most critical, content.

November 24, 2023


From Smart Innovation to Wise Design. The World Population Recently Passed 8 Billion. We Have No Plan to Deal with All that Shit  

Our current predicament demands an alternative design paradigm that envisions its infrastructures as if we were 8 billion humans living in an overstressed finite planet—because we are.

May 10, 2023


“How Did This Class Prepare You for Extinction?”

I believe that higher education would better serve students in particular and all humans in general if our teaching and research methods stop perpetuating the cultural paradigm that brought us to the brink of extinction and start encouraging students to imagine and create alternatives to it.

April 21, 2020