Lucia Monje-Jelfs

Lucia is Anglo-Colombian and grew up between the UK, France, Brazil and Colombia, before moving to Edinburgh to study Geography and Social Anthropology. Her international upbringing contributed towards her interest in postcolonial geographies, particularly in the areas of agriculture and food sovereignty.
She moved to Bristol in 2017 to start an MRes in sustainability, and recently joined the SFT as a communications assistant. Alongside her work at the SFT, Lucia volunteers as a grower at Sims Hill’s Community Supported Agriculture project.
Kenyan forests

Reclaiming the forest: The Indigenous struggle for land rights in Kenya

The Sengwer have lived in the Embobut Forest for centuries, but they lost a vast proportion of their territories to British colonial administration in the early 1900s. Since, their land rights have been limited and precarious…

April 12, 2021

Highland deer

The Cull: Scotland’s Deer Dilemma

The Cull is an award-winning documentary that explores the controversial topic of deer management in the Scottish Highlands, illustrating the complexity of a debate which has been going on for decades.

February 23, 2021

Buy local

Independent thinking: Why local businesses need our support this Christmas

So, if you’re planning on celebrating this Christmas – albeit unconventionally – here are some of the reasons why, now more than ever, independent businesses need your support.

December 18, 2020