Linton Hale

Linton Hale is a data analyst, dad, musician and writer. He’s always loved sharing music and helping to build community.  In recent years he’s been looking for community in Sonoma county, and wanting to learn more about how best to prepare his family for the roller coaster ride of economic and environmental changes underway. He recently joined the Sebastopol Grange, and is enjoying meeting other folks who share his love of old-fashioned food and the small-scale farmers who grow it, close to home.


Chicken out:  dispatching Daisy Mae

We humans tend not to name individual animals we plan to eat.  Somehow naming them seems to make it harder to look them in the eye, if one is considering eating them.  We called her Daisy Mae.  On Sunday I took her into my hands, petted her and thanked her for the many eggs she had given us. 

February 17, 2013

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