Kunzang Deachen

Kunzang is from Ladakh, and joined the Local Futures Ladakh team in the summer of 2019 to help coordinate the Ladakh Economics of Happiness conference. In 2017, she left a job in Delhi and started Infinity Ladakh to encourage spiritual and physical well-being by promoting yoga, meditation and nature expeditions.

traditional building in Ladakh

A revival of natural building in Ladakh

Within Local Futures’ broad focus on promoting economic localization – shifting our economies towards place-based, ecological, human-scale activity – we promote vernacular and traditional knowledge, skills, practices and cultures, including in the built environment.

August 21, 2023

Young Farmers in Ladakh

Young farmers in Ladakh: the future of our food

We are realising the true value of working on the land to grow food – an activity that has been the cornerstone of Ladakhi culture forever. A young farmers’ movement is emerging in Ladakh – a movement that we showcase and celebrate in our film.

June 7, 2021