Kristen Steele

Kristen has worked with Local Futures since 2000. She has taken on multiple roles, including research, writing, fundraising, outreach and program management. She has also been the main organizer for several of the Economics of Happiness conferences and other Local Futures’ events. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies and a Master’s degree in Wild Animal Biology. She is also currently pursuing doctoral research on the intersection of conservation and economics in regards to threatened species.

wrecked house

A localized alternative to ‘disaster capitalism’

What if, when the next disaster hits – whatever its cause or location – the most numerous, doable and beneficial ideas lying around were those that support the rebuilding of local economies. This is what I call “disaster localization”.

February 2, 2024

River flooding in Asia

Disaster Localization: A Constructive Response to Climate Chaos

Disaster localization could help us avoid “each new disaster leading to a more entrenched global capitalist system, with its social impacts as well as its hefty contribution to increasing carbon emissions”. Rupert and I draw on inspiration from a variety of sources, especially Helena Norberg-Hodge’s vision of localization, Charles Fritz’s research on disasters and mental health, and Rebecca Solnit’s writings about post-traumatic growth in the aftermath of crises.

October 29, 2019


How Globalization Divides Us: Perspectives on Brexit from a Dual Citizen

Getting out of Europe does nothing to address the real problems in UK society—or the world.

July 12, 2016

Place-based Everywhere: Lessons from Flood Wall Street

If it wasn’t obvious before, it is now: capitalism has become the most divisive issue of our time.

October 13, 2014

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