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Jessica Ramirez

“The Price on Everything Is Love”: How a Detroit Community Overcomes a Lack of City Services

Three years ago, the city of Detroit named DHEO “Organization of the Year” for its role helping families recover from a fire that burned seven homes to the ground, just blocks from Ramirez’s home. Her generosity has extended beyond helping people in need.

August 21, 2018

Black Farmers Reviving Their African Roots: “We Are Feeding Our Liberation”

“Black people need to return to being growers, builders, and producers, so when we’re consuming, we’re also feeding one another, and we’re feeding our liberation,”

March 7, 2018

First U.S. City to Ban Fossil Fuel Expansion Offers Roadmap for Others

Last month, the Oregon Court of Appeals upheld Portland’s ban as constitutional, affirming the city’s power to regulate the safety and welfare of its residents and sending a powerful signal to cities that they too can take the lead to limit fossil fuel use.

February 7, 2018

Baltimore’s Push to Solve Its Affordable Housing Crisis With Community Land Trusts

With 16,000 vacant properties in Baltimore—a number some say is severely undercounted and may be closer to the 23,000 that the U.S. Census estimates—there’s plenty of blight to fix. Adding community land trusts into the mix of solutions to throw at the problem seems likely—if not this budget, then next.

August 25, 2017