Katharine Burke

Katharine Burke, an educator for over 30 years, is a passionate advocate for students, teachers, and teaching as well as for deep ecology, permaculture and the green shift.  She has taught English and literature to all ages from 6 years old to college students. She has a Permaculture Design Certificate and recently completed the Regenerative Design Practitioner course with the Regenesis Group. Katharine is passionate about bringing deep ecology, regenerative design and permaculture principles into schools and in training teachers in deep ecology and regenerative design. To this end, she started The Small Earth Institute (Skoppum, Norway) to offer deep ecology and regenerative design initiatives.

Our Schools are Doing too Much to Save the Planet

We may be meeting our schools’ curriculum targets, but  in many cases we are still missing the larger aims of environmental awareness, our essential inter-connectedness and inter-being with the planet we live on, and thus many teachers, and their students,  are not acting out of deep ecological understanding or deep ecological commitment. 

January 15, 2018

Permaculture Design as a Pedagogical Resource

Major societal change in the coming decades necessitates new pedagogical design and sustainable instructional methodology. This proposal makes the case for using a permaculture design model as a resource to create an ecologically regenerative pedagogy for a sustainable future.

November 8, 2017