Katherine Peinhardt

Katherine Peinhardt, Project Reporter and Communications Associate at Project for Public Spaces, Columbia University (New York City), focuses on environmental and urban development policy, dynamics of climate change, capacity-building processes, and international sustainable development. Her background is in international environmental politics, climate change resilience-building, urban sustainability, international organizations, and international affairs.


A Playbook for Inclusive Placemaking: Community Process

A public space is only as community-driven as its process. It follows that public spaces can only exist for everyone if the conversations in which they are envisioned include everyone.

July 31, 2019

Cultivating Place: Refugees and Urban Gardening in Baltimore

There’s a difference between simply settling somewhere and finding a home. Refugees are faced with this reality every day — among new neighbors in a new city, building a sense of belonging is no small task. Working to create a place for oneself is a bold act of hope for a new life. So, what can public spaces do to help create a sense of place for refugees?

April 23, 2018