Kamran Nayeri

In a sense, every human being is in search of her place in the world. Mine has taken me through socialism, that I began to discover in 1971, to ecological socialism, that I have begun to help define since 2009 in my own writings and by selection of posts in Our Place in the World: A Journal of Ecosocialism (OPITW). My view of ecological socialism has been inspired by those who like Henry David Thoreau believe that “In wildness is the preservation of the world.” In June 2017, I collected my own writings from OPITW and established Kamran Nayeri’s Writings blog to facilitate their access to anyone interested. My own view of ecological socialism, ecocentric socialism, stands apart from all hereto anthropocentric socialist and ecosocialist theories. To save the world, we must love it–Mother Earth and web of life of which we are a tiny part.

Sweet grass

Whose Planet? Why We Need Ecocentric Socialism

This book outlines Ecocentric Socialism as a theory of humanity embedded in nature to understand and help solve social and ecological crises of the twenty-first century

September 14, 2023

the good life

On Degrowth

Degrowth shines a light on the problem of growth on a planet with finite resources. It also envisions a smaller human society living on a shrinking economic pie…

July 27, 2021

Braiding Sweetgrass cover

The case for ecocentric socialism: Part 2

Ecocentric Socialism distinguishes itself from all other theories of socialism and ecosocialism by a conscious attention to the problem of alienation from nature as manifested in anthropocentrism.

July 23, 2021

The Death of Nature bookcover

The case for ecocentric socialism: Part 1

The most important of these questions was this: “How does Ecocentric Socialism differ from other theories of socialism and ecosocialism?” To explain this is the task of this essay.

July 22, 2021


The Coronavirus Pandemic as the Crisis of Civilization

The fight for ecocentrism, like the fight for human emancipation, is a fight for universal values. Without ecocentrism, that is not just an intellectual point of view but a genuine love for nature and for life on Earth, there will be no humanity and no human emancipation.

March 27, 2020