Justin Kenrick

Justin is an anthropologist and activist from Edinburgh. He is a member of Extinction Rebellion Scotland. Since 2009, has worked with the Forest Peoples Programme, supporting communities to secure their community lands and determine their own futures.

Scottish landscape

A possible pathway to Interdependence

We need to dive deeper, heal the hurts of colonialism and remake ourselves and our world using healthy collective decision-making processes that bring out the best in us, rather than the worst.

January 23, 2023


Ingredients for a decolonial politics – cooking up a future to delight in

As we work together to re-discover and build new empowering political systems of collective decision making, and life-giving economic systems that can meet our real needs, how do we ensure that they stay true to the intentions we’re setting out with? How do we surface, heal  and create alternatives to our internalized and cultural habits of domination?

March 22, 2022

climate emergency

Business as Usual is a Failure for our Climate Emergency

Assemblies can be the way to break the business as usual logjam that is paralysing effective action. For that, they need to be given the time and range of expert input to be able to arrive at their own understanding of the level of the emergency, and the transformations needed to address it.

February 4, 2022


A Revolution of the Heart

We need to move from civil disobedience to political disobedience.

We need to move from captured corporate representative democracy (democracy in name only) to the real and deep democracy of deliberative peoples and citizens assemblies.

November 16, 2021

Sunset Assembly

Ending systems of domination: Reclaiming our bodies and politics from global trauma

As the sun goes down on a system that cannot save us from itself, our only option is to bring that system to an end. But what is that system, and how do we replace it?

October 26, 2021


How can we safely collapse systems of domination, and so, flourish?

The climate chaos that we are witnessing makes it inescapably clear that dominating others harms oneself, and that this system of domination will inevitably end—whether through ecological disasters or our collective action.

September 8, 2021

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