Juliet Grable

Juliet Grable is a freelance writer based in southern Oregon.

river restoration

‘Like a Dead Zone’: Undoing Decades of Environmental Harm on a California River

A major restoration effort by a coalition of Tribes and government agencies could help imperiled fish and other animals on the Trinity River.

December 20, 2023

Chinook ceremony

Time to Dance the Salmon Home

Though this is the first project to reintroduce salmon to historical habitat above a large dam in California. Marc Commandatore, environmental program manager at the Department of Water Resources, says the winter-run project is “just the beginning.”

August 23, 2023

Winter-run Chinook

A Lifeline for Winter-Run Chinook

During the signing ceremony, Chief Sisk spoke about the significance of the salmon’s return to the river and Winnemem Wintu homelands, and the role salmon play as both harbinger and provider of health.

August 8, 2023


Making Shift Happen: Momentum Grows for New Thinking About River Restoration

Process-based restoration is about restoring functions, and its scope expands beyond the channel to include the floodplain and valley bottom — the whole riverscape.

May 23, 2023