Jorge Riechmann

Jorge Riechmann, a professor of moral philosophy at the Autonomous University of Madrid, writes poems and essays. He has dedicated a considerable effort to try to understand the different dimensions of social ecology since the mid-1980s. He directed the Observatory of Sustainability in Spain in its constitutional phase, and he tried to develop something like a worker ecology with the First of May Foundation and the Institute of Labor, Environment, and Health between 1996 and 2008. Since 2013, he has coordinated the Transdisciplinary Research Group on Socioecological Transitions. He is the author of various collections of essays about questions of political ecology, environmental ethics, and ecological thought. He has published his reflections on ecological ethics in Eticas extramuros.

falling leaves

Ecological transitions and energy transitions

The crucial question of the ecological transition is not how many MW of wind and photovoltaic solar power we are going to be able to plug into the electricity grid, but, what new levels of love, justice, and rationality are we going to be able to deploy? And at the moment we are not responding well…

August 10, 2023