Johanna Bozuwa

Johanna joins the Democracy Collaborative as a Master’s student of sustainable innovation at Utrecht University. Her research focuses on energy democracy and the just transition away from the fossil fuel economy.

Johanna has her BA in Environmental Policy from Barnard College, where she was also an Athena Scholar for Women’s Leadership. She has worked on climate both in the United States and the Netherlands. Most recently, she worked on divestment campaigns for pension funds, universities, and cultural institutions alongside groups such as Fossil Free NL and BothENDS. In addition to her research at the Democracy Collaborative, she continues to be an Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) fellow for climate education.

Energy democracy

Energy Democracy: Taking Back Power

Electric utility (re)municipalization is gaining popularity as a strategy to shift away from a reliance on fossil fuel extraction in the context of combating climate change.

March 27, 2019

Power for Puerto Ricans, not Private Investors

It has been almost a month since Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Since then, most of the island’s 3.4 million residents have been without electricity or running water. The power grid was effectively destroyed, with only 7 percent back online to date. This means that the entire system, from generation to distribution, will need to be rebuilt. The question now is: how?

October 31, 2017