JoAnna Haugen

JoAnna Haugen is a writer, speaker, solutions advocate, intrepid traveler, international election observer, and returned Peace Corps volunteer. She is also the founder of Rooted, a solutions platform at the intersection of sustainable tourism, storytelling, and social impact.

Free store in Freiburg

How free stores fight waste, connect communities and foster resilience

Free stores are exactly what they sound like: Physical places where people can donate items they no longer want and others can shop among these items and take what they want or need without paying cash for them.

August 18, 2022

Little Free Fridge

How to create a little free community pantry or fridge

As communities become more complex and the number of challenges they face increases, it is important to create a foundation of support that residents can lean on at any time: Enter little free fridge or pantrys.

April 16, 2021