Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Jennifer Harvey Sallin is a psychologist and leader in the field of high intelligence and high performance. She applies her expertise in the area of climate psychology and climate activism. She is the founding director of InterGifted, and leads a climate engagement project called I Heart Earth.

Degrowth: The Path to a Better Life

The path to a good life is not what we own, or the places we travel, or what we individually achieve. It is living in harmony with ourselves, with the planet and all of its inhabitants, in finding joy in nature’s wonders and in our connection to ourselves and others.

February 21, 2023

blue door

Climate Knocking at Our Door: How to Integrate Climate into Our Sense of Self

It’s worth noting that all integration work – in our relationship with the climate and in any area of our lives – is not a “holy grail” we find at one moment in time and then the work is done.

August 9, 2022