Jennifer Atkinson

Jennifer Atkinson is an Associate Professor in environmental studies at the University of Washington and the host of Facing It, a podcast about climate grief and eco-anxiety. She works with a global team of climate researchers to offer workshops on the mental health impacts of climate disruption, helping students channel despair into action. Dr. Atkinson is also the author Gardenland: Nature, Fantasy and Everyday Practice, a book that explores the history of why people garden in hard times.


Climate Grief: Our Greatest Ally?

So go ahead and grieve. It’s a good sign that you’re shedding old defenses and denial. Which is precisely what we need now in the fight to save what remains.

August 27, 2020

The Impulse to Garden in Hard Times has Deep Roots

Our era is one of profound loneliness, and the proliferation of digital devices is only one of the causes. That emptiness also proceeds from the staggering retreat of nature, a process underway well before screen addiction.

June 17, 2020