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Jen Hinton

The Power of Three Words: ‘Not-for-Profit’

As an entity formed to fulfil a social purpose, a not-for-profit can make as much profit as it is able or would like, as long as this profit is used according to the organization’s stated goals, rather than being distributed to individuals in a private capacity.

January 31, 2014

Stop Feeding the Elephant

 Our common future lies with an economy beyond the accumulation of wealth and, therein, the debt structures that support this accumulation.

October 16, 2013


Ode to empathy

With the emergence of a global civilization, we need to move beyond the “us and them” mentality that lends itself to so much conflict, violence, and self-destruction. An absolutely essential ingredient for this is empathy. Empathy is the act of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, as the vernacular goes.

February 20, 2013

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