Jeffrey Andreoni

effrey Andreoni is a writer, researcher and activist who goes by the pseudonym “Bezdomny” when online. Born in Rhode Island, he now lives in Athens, Greece where he coordinates food-related projects aimed at social integration for asylum seekers and migrants who have chosen to live in Greece long-term. Jeffrey is a OuiShare Connector and has long been an explorer in communities of sharing, having travelled, lived, and squatted in various intentional (and unintentional) communities throughout Europe, which culminated in his participation in the unMonastery project. The unMonastery is currently part of an EU research consortium called MAZI, which aims to bridge communities using wireless technology. Jeffrey brings his zany public performances to the consortium while incorporating an extensive knowledge of wireless networks. When not behind a computer or a stove, Jeffrey is often out risking his life as an adventure travel guru: kayaking the longest rivers in Europe, snowshoeing, or cycling a few thousand kilometers across the Balkans, Jeffrey is happiest in nature.