Jean Willoughby

Jean is a writer and film/video producer. She co-wrote and produced the documentary film Under Contract: Farmers and the Fine Print (2017). Her latest book is Nature’s Remedies: An Illustrated Guide to Healing Herbs (Chronicle Books, 2016). Her writing has been published in Food TankMAKE: Magazine (online), and The New Farmer’s Almanac.  Follow her on Twitter @jean_willo.

Earthseed Land Collective

Earthseed Land Collective: Farmers of Color Create Space for Collective Living & Liberation on the Land

Members of Earthseed describe themselves as a group of “black and brown parents, activists, artists, educators, business owners, farmers, and researchers, who came together to remember our relationships to land, to livelihood and to each other,” and to cultivate a “transformational response to oppression and collective heartbreak: A model of community resilience through cooperative ownership of land and resources.”

December 19, 2019

A Digital Map Leads to Reparations for Black and Indigenous Farmers

The gift from the stranger arrived thanks to a new online map, the Black-Indigenous Farmers Reparations Map, a project to promote “people-to-people” reparations.

February 28, 2018