Jayati Ghosh

Jayati Ghosh is a development economist and Professor at the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India. Her recent books include the co-edited Elgar Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development, Never Done and Poorly Paid: Women’s Work in Globalising India, and The Market that Failed: A Decade of Neoliberal Economic Reforms in India.

After Neoliberalism, What Next?

We may be living through one of those moments in history that future historians will look back on as a watershed, a period of flux that marked a transition to quite different economic and social arrangements. Unfortunately, in human history a ‘moment’ can be a very long time…

August 25, 2017

Development for Whom?

But it is also evident that youth everywhere, forced to deal with a much more insecure and uncertain future, are also more open to creative approaches to change that recognize and seek to address various inequalities and injustices. I find evidence of such creative thinking among my own students, for example, along with a willingness to think beyond the immediate future to the medium term for change. That thinking and willingness gives me hope for the emergence of a Great Transition.

June 26, 2017