Jay Standish

Jay Standish co-founded OpenDoor Coliving, the longest-running commercial community housing operator in the US. He recently co-authored the book Assets in Common on scalable approaches to shared ownership. Jay has an MBA in sustainability and over 250 nights of remote wilderness leadership training. Jay consults on impact-driven initiatives and can be contacted at jaystandish.com

people on bikes

Assets in Common: Opportunities for action

In previous articles, we’ve learned about the enterprises pioneering new models for transforming the economy. We all want to see the world heading in a good direction.

July 17, 2024


Swinging for the Fences

Success, for Obran, is based on employee outcomes rather than shareholder value. By using a private equity playbook for the people, Obran is pushing the worker co-operative movement out of its comfort zone.

July 11, 2024


Assets in Common: Leaders in collaborative business and shared ownership

From rural towns to bustling cities, pioneering enterprises are challenging conventional notions of ownership, governance, and economic exchange. These trailblazers are reimagining fundamental structures and forging pathways to shared prosperity.

July 3, 2024

Main Street

Will Anytown, USA become a ghost town?

Perhaps if we can rewrite the source code at the core of business, we might have a chance at turning the tide on the massive crises facing us today.

June 12, 2024