Jamie Morgan

Professor Jamie Morgan lectures in the Subject Area of Economics, Analytics and International Business.

Jamie co-edits Real World Economics Review with Edward Fullbrook. RWER is the world’s largest open source economics journal with over 26,000 subscribers and an average of over one million article downloads per year. On a new electronic impact rating RWER was ranked fifth from 307 economics journals. Contributors include prominent exponents in all fields of economics, including Nobel Prize winners. The RWER Blog has over 15,000 members and RWER is now also affiliated to the newly founded World Economics Association. The WEA has more than 14,000 members worldwide.

Jamie is the former coordinator of the Association for Heterodox Economists. The AHE shares with the WEA and the Institute for New Economic Thinking a commitment to the need for a renewed and more open approach to economics.  Over the last decade, Jamie has published widely in the fields of economics, political economy, philosophy, sociology and international politics.


Ecological and Feminist Economics: an Interview with Julie A. Nelson

It’s much easier to teach students how to shift curves, solve equations, and run regressions, than to carefully observe economic life and think deeply and critically about it. Students also tend to feel comfortable – and even feel powerful – when told “here, we are handing you the exact tools and models you need to use to understand how the economy works.”

April 15, 2020