Ingrid Elisabet Feeney

Ingrid Elísabet Feeney is a lover of soils and a singer of songs.

A member of the Climate Justice Project, she has been politically engaged since her early 20s in New York City, where she was active in the Campus Antiwar Network and Students for Justice in Palestine, and co-managed the Arts and Culture booth at Occupy Wall Street.

A political ecologist in training, she is currently working on a dissertation which examines how competing paradigms of agriculture (i.e., agribusiness and agroecology) mobilize contrasting regimes of Nature/culture, race, gender, and the body in the territorialization of divergent agrarian futures.

First Ecosocialist International

Reflections on the First Ecosocialist International

The diverse founders of the First Ecosocialist International explicitly adopted a pluricosmovisionary perspective which establishes the conuco, or small farm, as the base unit for an emergent, future society founded upon the recovery of historical memory, territorial organization by bio-region, the rights of Mother Earth, the decolonization of the mind, and the reconfiguration of indigenous nations.

June 21, 2018