Helene Schulze

Helene graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters degree in Environmental Governance in 2017. She is a freelance writer concerned with the intersection of food, agriculture and social justice with a concentration on seed conservation. She lives in London, United Kingdom.

Seed and the Commons

One such organisation is OpenSourceSeeds (OSS). By equipping plant breeders and propagators with a free, open-source licence for the seeds they breed, they provide the necessary legal protection to prevent the patenting of the seed by other parties.

April 19, 2018

‘We are Sick of It!’ Where is the European Agrifood Movement?

A Europe-wide movement is an opportunity to pool resources and learn from each other. Reaching across national and disciplinary borders is a way to reach a critical mass in terms of size, attracting the attention of regional, national and international policymakers to ensure socially and environmentally ambitious reform.

February 12, 2018

Urban Agriculture and Forced Displacement in Iraq: “This Garden is my Kingdom”

The Lemon Tree Trust is a United Kingdom-based nonprofit organization which facilitates greening innovation and urban agriculture in refugee camps in Iraq, Uganda, and Jordan. “People are arriving with almost nothing and are literally making home, so the garden becomes representative of a space that people have control over, some ability to be creative, and a space to just be in after they’ve undergone this process of forced migration,” says co-founder Mikey Tomkins.

January 19, 2018