Giorgos Kallis

Giorgos Kallis is an ecological economist, political ecologist, and Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) Professor at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is the author of Limits (Stanford University Press, 2019) and Degrowth (Agenda Publishing, 2018).

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Giorgos Kallis: “Cultural Surplus and ‘Dépense’”

Perhaps, the larger purpose of degrowth scholarship (and conversations like these) is to act as Overton Windows – to help people imagine and actualize behaviors and networks that will help us adjust in a post-growth world.

January 4, 2023

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Degrowth awarded an ERC Grant: An interview with Giorgos Kallis

The idea is to try to bring degrowth’s abstract ideas to the ground and think more concretely about the metabolisms, policies, economics and politics that can make degrowth REAL.

December 1, 2022

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ROAR Roundtable: COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis

COVID-19 has forced a re-evaluation of nearly every aspect of how we fight for social and ecological justice. Yet, when it comes to the issue of climate change it can seem as if the virus has changed everything without changing anything at all.

June 25, 2020


Defending Degrowth is not Malthusian

In my book I show how such romantic (and related socialist, feminist and anarchist) ideas articulate a notion of limits as a source of freedom and abundance. Likewise, those of us who defend degrowth today do not call for limits because the world is running out of stuff. We are not worried that growth might come to an end – we want to end growth and stop its catastrophic and meaningless path, despoiling the abundance of this planet that we can enjoy in common.

November 26, 2019


Degrowth is Utopian, and that’s a Good Thing

Reality is complex, what is possible and what not is hard to know, and the roads to ecosocialism (or however else you might want to call an egalitarian and sustainable future) are many.

April 30, 2019


A Green New Deal Must Not Be Tied to Economic Growth

The lower the level of energy use, and the smaller the economy, the easier it is to decarbonize, and the fewer impacts that will be caused along the way. There is no reason for someone concerned with climate and the environment to advocate economic growth.

March 12, 2019

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