Gabriela Cabaña

Anthropologist studying energy transitions in the context of social-ecological breakdown. Part of

Chilean new Constitution poster

In Chile, We Have the Opportunity to Build an Economy to Overcome Fear

Going deep down to undo the foundations of capitalism will require a leap of revolutionary hope in our own capacity to live together differently.

July 12, 2022

Chilean demo

Degrowth: Taking the Debate Beyond GDP

Deep, systemic, positive change arises when we collectively dream and enact a different form of society altogether — one focused on free and flourishing lives for all.

February 3, 2022

industrial pollution

Collective learnings from the 2020 Latin American Degrowth Forum

Facing the threat of an “economic reactivation” that reproduces and deepens the ideology of infinite economic growth and its impacts, it becomes necessary to make visible, share, and co-create alternatives to our current model of civilization.

March 17, 2021