Emma Eisenberg

Emma Eisenberg wrote this article for YES! Magazine. Emma has written for VICE, Catapult, Fusion, The New Republic, Salon, Slate, The Marshall Project, Hyperallergic, The Rumpus, 100 Days in Appalachia, The Daily Yonder, The Philadelphia Inquirer and others. She is a reporting fellow with the New Economy Coalition and lives in west Philadelphia. Follow her on Twitter @EmmaEisenberg.

No Elitist Farmers Markets Here—Free Healthy Food and Profits for Farmers

“Farmers markets have the reputation of being somewhat elitist, not open to all,” she says. “That is the opposite of here. The intent was not to be a poor person’s market, but to be a market for everyone. There are folks with money who come, but our market board has said if rich folks want this to be an experience for them, they may have to go somewhere else for that.”

September 22, 2017