Emma Bryce

Emma Bryce is a freelance journalist based in London, where she writes about the environment, technology and food. Her work has appeared in Wired Magazine, TED Education, the New York Times, and in the Guardian, where she writes about food and the environment. Contact her at twitter.com/EmmaSAanne

Giant kelp

Can the Forests of the World’s Oceans Contribute to Alleviating the Climate Crisis?

On the back of her research, Krause-Jensen is optimistic about the carbon sequestration potential of kelp and the possibility that it could be dramatically enlarged by sustainable farming.

July 6, 2020

Solar panels in field

Germany’s Transition from Coal to Renewable Energy Offers Lessons for the Rest of the World

But what does the transition mean for residents of Essen and the rest of the Ruhr region — the former industrial coal belt — whose lives and livelihoods have been dramatically altered by the reduced demand for coal? The answer to that could hold some useful lessons for those undergoing similar transitions elsewhere.

August 10, 2017

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