Elly Blue

Elly lives in Portland, Oregon and has been writing about bicycle transportation since 2006. Her work has appeared in Grist, Bitch, BikePortland, Momentum, and elsewhere. Her first book, Everyday Bicycling, came out in December, 2012. Her next full-length book, Bikenomics: How Bicycling Will Save the Economy, comes out in December, 2013. Both books are published by Portland-based Microcosm.


Why Bicycle Justice Isn’t a White Guy in Spandex

In 2010, Burton and a core group of organizers officially launched Red, Bike, and Green. “It’s bigger than bikes” is one of the group’s slogans.

August 19, 2016

Bikenomics: Bike Lanes on Main Street

Studies of the effects of bicycling on retail are still coming in, but they produce nearly unanimous results. One fact is clear: People who ride bicycles spend money.

October 1, 2013


Bikenomics: Whose Streets?

One of the biggest barriers to bicycling people report is simply access to a bicycle.

September 18, 2013

Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy

My book, Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy, comes out in December, and I’m already getting pushback about the title.

September 13, 2013


Local-food activist makes the farm-bike-sailboat connection

Jan Lundberg moved to Portland a year ago because it seemed like the best place to pursue his intersecting passions for food security, peak oil, bicycles, and sailing. These passions will be coming to fruition later this month when the oil analyst’s brainchild, the Sail Transport Network, will launch into its first major, ongoing local venture.

December 9, 2009

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