Dougald Hine

Dougald Hine is a social thinker, writer and speaker. After an early career as a BBC journalist, he co-founded organisations including the Dark Mountain Project and a school called HOME. He has collaborated with scientists, artists and activists, serving as a leader of artistic development at Riksteatern (Sweden’s national theatre) and as an associate of the Centre for Environment and Development Studies at Uppsala University. His latest book is At Work in the Ruins: Finding Our Place in the Time of Science, Climate Change, Pandemics & All the Other Emergencies (2023). He co-hosts The Great Humbling podcast and publishes a Substack called Writing Home.

climate change

The Upstream Questions: What We Ask Of Science

If the question is not made explicit – if the existence of upstream questions, these questions that take us beyond the boundaries of what science can tell us about climate change, is not recognised – then the default answer will be to treat it as bad luck and pursue some combination of techno-fixes and lifestyle adjustments.

November 10, 2023

apple tree

I Would Plant My Apple Tree

This is the place, I want to say, where work which has no obvious or direct connection to the suffering, cruelty and injustice in our news feeds may nonetheless be part of what is called for in response.

October 24, 2023

Toad Hall

Pockets: A Story for Alan Garner

In the darkest hour, that which is meant to be obsolete may yet make all the difference. 

July 25, 2023

natural world

Coming to Our Animal Senses: A Conversation with David Abram

Given the ubiquitous nature of this animistic intuition among the diverse indigenous peoples of this planet – given its commonality among so many exceedingly diverse and divergent cultures – it would seem that this is our birthright as humans.

June 27, 2023


The Kitchen Table

That’s how we came to start a school called HOME. When people ask us what kind of school it is, the first answer has always been, ‘It’s a school that starts from the conversations that happen around our kitchen table.’

April 27, 2023

At Work in the Ruins: Excerpt

To put the whole weight of the future on the shoulders of those of us who happen to be around just now can be paralysing, the weight unbearable.

March 22, 2023

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