Djémilah Hassani

Djémilah Hassani is a passionate international strategy expert for social economy at CRESS (Regional Chamber of Social and Solidarity Economy) Mayotte. She is passionate about leadership and empowering communities through meaningful projects by understanding cultural backgrounds to restore dignity and hope. She was born in Mayotte, a French island, but she also has Malagasy origins from her mother which makes her feel deeply rooted in the Indian Ocean with a strong openness to the world. Djémilah is a good cook and uses ingredients to find meaning in life!


Pioneers of the Social & Solidarity Economy

In this podcast, Affiliate Post Growth Fellow, Djémilah Hassani, speaks to Social & Solidarity Economy leaders from French overseas territories — from the Indian Ocean to South America — to explore how these small nations are making an outsize contribution to the development of an an “economy of dignity”, leveraging collaborations, innovations, and existing cultural practices to pioneer pathways towards economic reconciliation.

January 4, 2024


The Social Economy as a Pathway to Decolonization

My vision is to shift that balance and gain back power by saying: “I am who I am, this is what I know how to do. This is my knowledge from my tradition, and I’m going to own it and free myself from this global market.”

July 28, 2022