Dirk Holemans

Dirk Holemans is coordinator of the Belgian Green think-tank Oikos and co-president of the Green European Foundation. His most recent book is Freedom & Security in a Complex World (2017, GEF).

just transition

Just Transition Is About Systemic Change

It’s important to frame just transition as an overarching framework that can guide us through a systemic transformation to a new social, ecological society that is equitable. It’s not about superficially greening the economy.

May 18, 2022

The City Taking the Commons to Heart

By organising globally, the power of the business sector has grown far above and beyond both that of the nation-state and of self-organising citizens. If the new wave of citizen movements is to acquire real power, then it will have to organise itself translocally from the beginning, whereby coalitions of cities with clear political and economic objectives take the lead.

January 9, 2018