Daniel Firth Griffith

Daniel Firth Griffith is a storyteller, a hunter-husbandman, and a lover of the wildwoods. An award-winning author of best-selling books such as Dark Cloud Country, Wild Like Flowers, and Boone, Daniel’s work focuses on regenerating relationship, seeking to reawaken the wild by becoming the wild itself. Daniel co-founded Timshel Wildland in 2015, an emergent wilding project in Central Virginia that is pioneering the modern convergence of “regenerative” agriculture and wildly autonomous living systems; he founded the Robinia Institute in 2018, a center for “regeneration’s” social emergence that is now a Savory Institute Hub and educational and outreach center; and in 2020, he co-founded Commons Provisions and its Common Wealth Network, a large collective and community of human-scale, local farms that serve their broader communities via the flagrantly decentralized and entirely disruptive distribution of locally-aggregated provisions and foods.