Daniel Firth Griffith

A renowned storyteller, rewilding pioneer, author of award-winning books Wild Like Flowers and Dark Cloud Country, and the “poet laureate of Holistic Management” (Allan Savory), Daniel’s work and writing focuses on regenerating relationship—that is, happily relearning what it means to be human. He is the founder of Timshel Wildland, a pioneering rewilding landscape in the Eastern United States and is the President of the Robinia Institute, a center for relational conservationism’s social emergence that is now the Mid-Atlantic Hub of the Savory Institute, a global organization and leader in climate-change and ecological restoration. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Morgan, and three wonderful children.

controlled burn

Climate, Kincentric Rewilding, and The Color of Clouds

One day, when a new world rises from the ashes of this chemically-infused and churned and oil-burned wasteland, the basement of history, we may all work together to rebuild, to try again, and, most importantly, to love and to have better memories.

May 30, 2024

Chinese bushclover

Shakespeare, Sonnets, and Stewardship: Why Ecological Problems Require Poetry

Yes, this is the role of the human and this is the choice of the dramatist—to see truth, to witness its drama, to accept the opportunity, to have great power, to hold loosely its abiding weight, and then to trip headlong into the boundless triumphs and pains and beauties made and gifted everlasting in the love of land, of the all of us.

December 8, 2023

Daniel and others with cows

‘Regenerative’ Agriculture is Disunifying, and that is Okay

It is time for “regenerative food systems” to radicalize or get out of the way, to step aside and allow human-scale, disruptive, actually diverse and localized collectives to emerge and feed the world, one community by one community at a time.

May 23, 2023