Dana Visalli


Afghanistan, Ecology, and the End of War

Working with school children in Afghanistan, one experiences the great sweetness of the people there and the commonplace lack of ecological understanding of how the physical world works.  This absence of understanding is magnified by the striking deterioration of the Afghan land and the American effort to address these pressing problems with bombs and bullets.  

March 19, 2013


Energy and ecology: why societies really succeed and fail

A human society that aspires for long-term sustainability will want to live in accord with basic ecological principles: energy comes from the sun; all resources are constantly cycled such that there is no waste whatsoever; fertile soil is the foundation of terrestrial life; and a sustainable population of a given species is one that is maintained at or within the carrying capacity of the ecosystem.

February 1, 2009


Humus, Humility, and Humanure

The Latin root for humus, humility, and humanure are all the same, and translates as “earth.”

April 15, 2007

Biofuels or Biofools?

Biofuels could only play a meaningful role in a society that lived with some ecological modesty argues Dana Visalli

August 13, 2006

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