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Journalist, journeyer, eco enthusiast. VT Law School grad w/ Master’s in Environmental Law & Policy.

Greenpeace Norway

Norway’s Supreme Court to Decide on Climate Lawsuit Challenging Offshore Arctic Oil Drilling

The Supreme Court of Norway is set to rule in a high-profile climate change lawsuit challenging the Norwegian government’s licensing of new offshore oil drilling in the fragile and rapidly warming Arctic region.

November 17, 2020

Blowout book cover

Rachel Maddow’s New Book on Russia, Oil, and Politics Accidentally Had Perfect Timing With Trump Impeachment Inquiry

As public hearings in the Trump impeachment inquiry headed into their second week, one of the nation’s top political cable news hosts was connecting the dots between the rise of authoritarianism, challenges to democracy, and the corrupting power of the oil and gas industry.

November 20, 2019