Craig K. Comstock

Craig K Comstock is a book creation coach and former director of the Ark Foundation. He produces and hosts a weekly TV show. He is co-author of books including Sanctions for Evil: Sources of Social Destructiveness, with Nevitt Sanford (Beacon) and Citizen Summitry and Securing Our Planet, both with Don Carlson (Tarcher).

Chinese wind farm

Can China Save the Planet?: Review

A current book asks Will China Save the Plamet? The author, Barbara Finamore, served as the China representative of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Her story gives first-hand material less for answering this question than for showing how a big country can  move from defensive nationalism to global leadership in starting the transition to a green economy.

December 12, 2018


Community Coops for Green Electricity

What is required are forms of action that go beyond uncoordinated and unheralded individual steps to cut down personal use of practices that emit greenhouse gases.

September 7, 2018


Not Quite Enough

It’s no secret that the Presidential election has narrowed down to major candidates who are each distrusted or even loathed by a substantial portion of the electorate.

August 3, 2016


A Way to Reach Our Renewable Future?: Review

Now perhaps one need is for a citizen’s movement based on the idea of a transition to a renewable energy system. That’s what Heinberg and Fridley are offering.

July 5, 2016

Living Dangerously

It’s happening again, a TV presentation intended to wake people up to the challenge of the age.

April 15, 2014


Transform While There’s Still Time

In her book titles Carolyn Baker features such scary words as "demise," "chaos" and "collapsing," but her goal is mainly soul building.

December 4, 2013

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