Clare Hollins

Clare Hollins is a Masters student at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, combining their interests in political economy, political ecology, and transformative feminist praxis. Passionate about humane public policy, social justice, education and creative alternatives, particularly for those caught in the intersections of multiple unfair systems, they’re currently researching prospects for feminist circular and community economy.


Same storm, different boats: COVID-19 and gendered time

The solutions to these economic and temporal inequalities should be rooted in the goal that all workers, irrespective of gender, are able to devote equal time to care and other unpaid work.

November 23, 2022


Reflections on time, and how we care for one another

Ultimately, reframing and revaluing social (and ecological) reproduction, and reducing ecologically destructive production and consumption in the process, could lead to an abundance of time and leisure rather than austerity and overwork.

June 9, 2022