Cecile Andrews

Cecile Andrews is the author of three books, The Circle of Simplicity, Slow is Beautiful, and Less is More, as well as the forthcoming Living Room Revolution: A Handbook for Conversation, Community, Sharing, and Happiness. She has her doctorate in education from Stanford and is active in the Transition Movement.

It’s Not Just Nostalgia: “Real Things” and Why They Matter

Too much of our time in our hectic consumer society seems like “not life”—phony and artificial. We want, instead, to “live deep and suck out all the marrow,” as Thoreau puts it. And being involved with “real” things—things you can touch or taste or manipulate is attracting people.

October 26, 2017


Dancing in the streets

It’s easy to be dismissive of all the articles on happiness these days. They make you feel shallow: There are so many problems in the world, and we’re talking about happiness? But, of course, happy people are more likely to vote, to be environmentalists, to be good parents and good coworkers.

April 21, 2014


Time to talk

Too often, activists advocate policies without really engaging or involving people. We need to find ways to lure people into involvement in social change, help them see how meaningful it is. One way to do this is to bring people together to talk.

March 17, 2014


Make time for something other than money

A comment from a Swedish businessman caught my ear: “When you have heavy taxes, it takes away the desire to get rich, and then you start focusing on things that are more important than money. You care about other things than just getting ahead.”

February 19, 2014


A new society can’t be run by ‘controllers’

Social critic Philp Slater died this summer. His 1970 book "The Pursuit of Loneliness" "warned that a national cult of individualism and careerism threatened to turn America into a country of hypercompetitive loners ruled by tyrants.”(NY Times).

November 21, 2013


The solution that has no name

We all want to make a difference and have a good time–that’s the key to happiness. But how? We’re often not sure what to do.

August 21, 2013

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