Catherine Broomfield

Catherine Broomfield is a partner of Broomfield Solutions, providing marketing and strategic business development advice to agricultural and rural enterprise in the West Country.  She is currently CEO of the Devon Cattle Breeders’ Society, the breed society for the native Red Ruby Devon.  She is an advocate for the role of native breeds in grass-based systems and an exponent of extensive beef and sheep farming having farmed with her family for 17 years on her traditional mixed farm in Devon.  The farm has been a Soil Association organic demonstration farm and a Natural England Beacon Farm in recognition of its innovative programme of Educational Access.  Catherine is a member National Beef Association Pedigree Committee, and a member of Rothamsted’s  Research Advisory Group for the North Wyke and Duchy College Future Farms Platform.  She writes on food & farming in the farming press and can be found on twitter @1_udder_thing.

UK farmers

An Everyday Tale of the Rural Economy

What we must not forget amid the reams of policy briefings and papers, is that rural economies are not an abstract concept, but a mosaic of real people, places and passions that drive creativity and entrepreneurship. Here are two such stories of the many remarkable everyday tales of rural economy folk.

August 20, 2019

Swiss cow

Unravelling the Science of Agricultural Emissions

How have we allowed the public debate to conflate 100% plant-based diets with saving the planet? And in so doing, how on earth has the humble cow come to have taken 90% of the flak for global warming?

July 16, 2019

uplands farming

The Uplands Need a Future Reimagined not Rewilded

Viewed over centuries, the beneficial role of upland farmers as stewards of both the landscape and their local communities is clear. However, George Monbiot, spoke for rewilding largely from an ideological standpoint.

July 31, 2018