Casey O’Brien

Casey O’Brien is a freelance journalist based in the Bay Area of California. Casey focuses most of her reporting on big problems and how we can solve them: she writes about the environment, inequity  and more. She can be found on Twitter and her portfolio is available on Medium.


Making in a post-pandemic world: How U.S. makerspaces are recovering from the pandemic

Makerspaces are returning, some stronger than ever. More than a year after the pandemic arrived in the U.S., makerspaces are reinventing community and creativity for a post-pandemic world.

June 23, 2021

The Thingery

Lending and Community Building at The Thingery

Diplock sees a distinction between The Thingery and much of the recently monetized sharing economy, however, especially rental services. “The big line in the sand is, is accessibility and inclusivity a key part of the social purpose? Is that present in the business charter?”

January 24, 2020


A New, Collective Business Model for Traditional Crafts in Oaxaca

La Casa de las Artesanias is a cooperative in Oaxaca that aims to empower craftspeople and preserve the rich traditions of Mexican folk art.

May 3, 2019


How Via Organica is Helping Local Vendors and Farmers Thrive

Via Organica, a regenerative farm in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is more than just a place that grows and sells fresh, organic produce to the local community. Rosana Álvarez, the farm’s founder, also runs an educational center, restaurant, and store. By centralizing these operations, Álvarez is seeking to improve the livelihoods for local farmers and vendors.

February 7, 2019