Carol Baedi

Carol Baedi is a Brazilian feminist economist and researcher currently finishing her master’s at the Copernicus Institute at Utrecht University with a UES scholarship. When not playing football or training MMA, Carol enjoys discussing ways to build a decolonial society based on happiness for all beings. She believes in autonomous movements, commonality, and sport as a tool for community building.

Kenyan woman farmer

An Ecofeminist Take on the Paris Agreement

In this piece, we argue how ecofeminist theory can help understand nuances and draw insights on the Paris Agreement’s dominant narratives.

January 5, 2022

Black Lives Matter protest in Brighton

Degrowth strategies: thinking with and beyond Erik Olin Wright

Degrowthers have recently seemed to find a lot of inspiration in Erik Olin Wright’s framework of political strategies for transformations beyond capitalism. In this blog post, we wish to highlight some crucial insufficiencies of Wright’s framework in relation to degrowth transformations…

October 25, 2021