Ben Reynolds

Ben Reynolds is the author of The Coming Revolution: Capitalism in the 21st Century, out from Zero Books. He is a US-based writer and activist whose work has appeared in ROAR MagazineThe Diplomat and other forums.

Why is there a shortage of tomatoes in the UK?

Brexit, bad weather and rising energy prices have a role to play, but our UK growers have been left out on a limb. Like a glasshouse half empty, this crisis is exposing deep systemic problems in our food system that need addressing. Sustain takes a look.

March 2, 2023

Ridley Road Market

Why Food Markets Need to Stay Open to Help us Through this Crisis

The short term gains from this system that have been made on prices may come back to haunt us sooner rather than later. The best remedy right now is to help keep smaller food businesses afloat and markets, if run safely, are a vital part of this medicine.

April 8, 2020

2008 economic crash

New Bubbles, Mounting Debt: Preparing for the Coming Crisis

The global economy is clearly headed for another recession after a decade of lukewarm recovery. The bailouts and loose monetary policy of the post-2008 world did nothing to fix the fundamental causes of capitalism’s latest systemic crisis. Instead, they papered over structural weakness while enabling another orgy of irresponsible lending and rampant speculation.

November 7, 2019