Antonio Tricarico

Antonio Tricarico is an engineer, campaigner, analyst and editor. He works for Re: Common, formerly the Campaign to Reform the World Bank (CRBM), in Rome, on international financial institutions, financial markets regulation and financial glob- alization related issues. He has co-authored several publications on IFI-related issues, the most recent being, “La Banca dei Ricchi,” and has been correspondent for the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto at several international summits. – See more at:

The Coming Financial Enclosure of the Commons

Financial speculation in food commodities has become one of the main drivers of food price volatility…the disruptive influence of financial speculation on food markets is only a preview of future crises…
While the impending new wave of financialization is a serious threat, it also opens new opportunities to bridge civil society struggles…

June 12, 2013

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