Anna Ostermeier

Anna is a Masters student at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS), where she specializes in environmental psychology, behavior change, education, and communications. Before her time at SEAS, Anna was a co-founder and lead organizer of the Plastic-Free MKE Coalition in Milwaukee and served as an AmeriCorps member with Milwaukee Riverkeeper. Anna received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Human-Environment Geography at the University of Wisconsin, where she spent her undergraduate years supporting campus sustainability initiatives. In her free time, Anna enjoys rollerblading, gardening, and exploring Ann Arbor’s community events and public parks. 

directed attention

An Activist’s Guide to Reclaiming, Restoring, and Redirecting Your Attention: Part 2

Environmental psychology offers practices we can build into our daily lives that manage and restore a precious mental resource we all have: ‘directed attention’.

August 1, 2022


Reclaiming Your Attention is Key to Cultivating Resilience and Avoiding Burnout: Part 1

The concept of ‘directed attention’ from environmental psychology offers an approach to self-care that’s available to anyone.

July 25, 2022