Ann Pettifor

Ann Pettifor, PhD, is a well-known and influential political economist with a high media profile and a record of achieving real changes in public policy, especially in relation to sovereign debt. As a member of a group of experts in finance, energy and the environment co-authored The Green New Deal (new economics foundation (nef), 2008. In 2006 warned of credit bubble implosion in:  The coming first world debt crises. (Palgrave 2006). Edited and part-wrote a book in 2003 which predicted the inevitability, if not the timing of the 2007-9 crisis: The real world economic outlook:  the legacy of globalisation:  debt and deblation (nef/Palgrave). Over seven years (1994- 2001) led global advocacy effort which resulted in the cancellation of more than $100 billion (in nominal terms) of debt owed to both multilateral and bilateral institutions by 35 of the poorest countries (HIPCs). Advised Nigeria’s Minister of Finance and worked in close collaboration with the Debt Management Office of Nigeria on the clearing of $30bn of debt owed to the Paris Club in 2004- 2005.

Bank of England charter

Ann Pettifor: If I Governed the Bank of England, Here’s What I’d Do

If such an implausible appointment were ever to be made by a Labour chancellor, I would regard it as a great honour. The Bank of England stands at the pinnacle of Britain’s monetary system, which I regard as one of Britain’s great public goods.

November 21, 2018

Make Finance the Servant, not the Master

We should be mindful, as ecological economist Herman Daly once remarked, that policy-making in taxation, greenhouse gas emissions, pensions, criminal justice, welfare, etc, requires boundaries.

November 15, 2016

Just Money, introduction

The global finance sector today exercises extraordinary power over society. The sector dominates economic policy making, undermines democratic decision-making, has financialised all sectors of the economy, and has made vast profits, often at the expense of both governments and the productive sector.

March 6, 2014

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