Andrew Pendleton

DIRECTOR, POLICY & ADVOCACY for New Economics Foundation

Andrew works across NEF’s themes, supporting and working with colleagues to develop policy and strategies to bring about change. Before joining NEF, Andrew spent five years as head of campaigns at Friends of the Earth where he oversaw major campaigns on bees and fracking. Prior to that he worked at IPPR as associate director for climate change, energy and transport, and on climate, energy, trade and finance with Christian Aid. Andrew worked in broadcast journalism for ten years, winning two Sony Radio Awards for his work supporting communities in Nottingham to gain access to airtime, and also as a reporter and producer.

Storm Dennis

Net Out of Jail Free

You would have thought the time for obfuscation is over. But there’s a new game in town for those who still think there’s time left for business as usual. It’s called ​‘net zero by 2050’ and its prevalence shows how many of those with power and influence still don’t really ​‘get’ climate change.

February 25, 2020