Amerissa Giannouli

Amerissa Giannouli holds a B.Sc in Economics and a M.Sc in International and European Economic Studies from the School of Economics of the Athens University of Economics and Business. She has worked as a researcher on environmental economics and sustainable development at the Athens University of Economics and Business and the International Center for Research on the Environment and the Economy until she discovered Degrowth and decided to make a life change. She became an adult educator with the aim to promote democratic participation and socio-ecological transformation. She is now creating, coordinating and facilitating a variety of non-formal activities as a member of Inter Alia, an NGO based in Greece, active in the fields of education, advocacy, youth work and culture. She is actively trying to promote Degrowth in her work by organizing relevant projects, activities and writing articles. She is currently enrolled in the online master’s programme on Degrowth: Ecology, Economy and Policy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Basic income Luxembourg

Reflecting on policy proposals for Degrowth: feasibility and transformations

At least in my view, Degrowth opens spaces for critical thinking, dialogue and collaboration among various actors to refine and develop strategies for achieving a sustainable and equitable future beyond growth.

June 1, 2023


The case of sustainable clothing

Although I recognize that degrowth is not a certain theory but more of a pluralistic critical frame calling for socio-ecological transformations, here is what I managed to put together regarding the economic activities related to clothing inspired by degrowth.

April 20, 2023

degrowth graffiti

Degrowth: What sorcery is this?

Degrowth is about redefining how things work in the current unsustainable system, focusing on the values of cooperation and sharing, as well as social and environmental justice. 

October 4, 2022

Local government in Rojava

Entering the Pluriverse: Beyond universal blueprints of good life and sustainability

Imagine a society where bottom-up, community initiatives and actions based on people coming together to reflect and practice their visions are promoted more compared to individualistic, self-absorbed behaviors of success

September 7, 2022